OBS Studio 29.0 Beta 2 Win/macOS 中文版 (直播录像软件)


OBS Studio Win/macOS 中文版 (直播录像软件)由佛系软件foxirj.com整理发布。OBS Studio是一个免费开源的直播录像软件,支持Windows,macOS,Linux三个平台,本身内置一些常见的插件,支持各种视频、音频格式,记录场景,如设置,实际上它的工作是直播,非常著名的现场,但它的屏幕功能非常强大,可以设置记录指定的窗口,软件和游戏屏幕。


OBS Studio 29.0 Beta 2 Win/macOS 中文版 (直播录像软件)-佛系软件
OBS Studio 29.0 Beta 2 Win/macOS 中文版 (直播录像软件)-佛系软件



OBS Studio支持英特尔快速同步视频(QSV)和NVENC。




OBS Studio基于GPU的高性能游戏流传输和游戏捕获。

OBS Studio支持DirectShow捕捉设备(相机,捕捉卡)。

Windows 8高速监控捕捉支持。



Beta 2 Changes

  • Fixed QSV just generally not working properly for some/most people (my fault -Jim)
  • Fixed QSV not even showing up for some people (also my fault -Jim)
  • Fixed color space being incorrect for some video devices running in MJPEG video format on Windows [jpark37]
  • Fixed monitor names in the Fullscreen Projector & Multiview menus on Windows [WizardCM]


  • Added support for the AMD AV1 Encoder for RDNA3 GPUs on Windows [AMD/Jim]
  • Added support for the Intel AV1 Encoder for Arc GPUs on Windows [Intel/Jim]
    • Note: CQP is available but not fully supported
  • Added support for the Intel HEVC Encoder on Windows [yuriy-chumak/rcdrone/Jim]
  • Added an upward compressor filter [pkv]
  • Added a 3-band equalizer filter [Jim]
  • Added support for native HEVC and ProRes encoders on macOS, including P010 and HDR [Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering/PatTheMav/gxalpha]
  • Added support for macOS Desk View [Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering]
  • Added update channels for opting into receiving beta/release-candidate builds to Windows [Rodney]
    • Work is still underway to get everything ready on the server side, updating via the built-in updater may not be available until later in the OBS 29.0 beta-testing period

Tweaks and Improvements

  • The Replay Buffer's memory limit is now set to 75% of installed system RAM rather than fixed to 8GB [Rodney]
  • Added media key support in Linux [kkartaltepe]
  • Various improvements to NVIDIA Video and Audio filters, including a Mask Refresh slider and support for temporal processing, which provides better quality masking [pkv]
  • Improved Display Capture screen naming & saving on Windows; indexes should now match regardless of Mode, and reconnected displays should show the correct monitor [jpark37]
    • Note: This does mean existing Display Capture sources will be blank until manually configured, to avoid showing the wrong display
  • Added support for encryption and authentication for SRT and RIST outputs [pkv]
  • Disabled ScreenCaptureKit Display & App capture on macOS 12 due to various issues; users should either update to macOS 13 or use the existing Screen Capture source [PatTheMav]
  • Removed the automatic numbering on Multiview labels [Warchamp7]
  • Added the ability to mute individual browser docks [WizardCM]
  • Added the ability to right click and 'Inspect' individual browser docks [WizardCM]
  • Changed the default Simple Output NVENC preset to P5 for better compatibility & performance [RytoEX]
  • Added support for higher refresh rates in the Video Capture Device source on Windows [WizardCM/EposVox]
  • Added the Apple VT Hardware encoder to the Auto Configuration Wizard [gxalpha]
  • Improved FFmpeg VA-API enablement by directly using Libva to check device capabilities [tytan652]
  • Various minor UX/accessibility tweaks in the UI [Warchamp7/cg2121]
  • Raised the speed at which dynamic bitrate recovers after a drop [Jim]
  • Audio should now be automatically captured for most capture card brands using the Video Capture Device source on Windows [WizardCM/EposVox]
  • Added a slide counter to the Source Toolbar when an Image Slide Show is selected [cg2121]
  • Updated dependencies, including switching to Qt 6.4.1, which should fix a number of issues [RytoEX/tytan652]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with async filters (such as Delay) not rendering correctly [jpark37]
  • Various performance improvements to Decklink preview output [jpark37]
  • Fixed an issue where source Projector windows wouldn’t close when a source was deleted [cg2121]
  • Fixed an issue where cursors would disappear or display incorrectly on screen captures on Windows [caesay]
  • Fixed issues with CQP rate control for SVT and AOM AV1 encoders [flaeri]
  • Fixed issue with CQP rate control for AMD HEVC when using CQP [flaeri]
  • Fixed Virtual Camera not working with Webex and GoToMeeting [Jim]
  • Fixed capturing UHD/4K YUV on the AJA Kona HDMI [paulh-aja]



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